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Energy Healing

If you have found yourself here, then you might be in need of some energy healing. With energy healing, the healing happens where it is needed the most. You may not always realize how effective it really is. However some people do experience a tremendous relief from what is currently ailing them. Everyone is different. My technique is simple, non-invasive and very relaxing.  I generally do not place my hands on a client unless I am directed to do so and I have your permission.


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I am an Atlantean Reiki Master Teacher Energy Healer (ARMT), (RMT). I offer energy healings in a relaxed private setting. Energy healing is incredibly beneficial for healing the body mind and soul. It is very meditative and great for releasing stress, anger, fear, negative energies and more.. 


Energy Healing Sessions are $25.00 per 20 minutes and are payable at the time of the session or in advance by clicking the button below. Be sure to choose "in-store pickup" at checkout, so you will not be charged shipping.  (note: if session exceeds 20 minutes, per your request, it will be $1.00 per minute for every minute past 20 min.)

I also offer long distance healing. Long distance healing is sent through meditation and telepathy. I usually want a little information about what is ailing you, but it is not required. The healing will go where it is needed the most. This is a very effective technique for those who are not local or mobile and cannot come in person. One long distance healing is $15.00 per session. When adding to cart, be sure to choose "in-store pickup", so you will not be charged for shipping.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding  the healing sessions.

For in-person payments~~I accept Credit cards, Paypal, and Cash (no checks please)


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