You have the power to heal your own body by changing the way you feed your body and soul.

Eating fruits and vegetables is the base of a healthy diet. Nuts, seeds, sprouts, and beans are great for added nutrients and flavor. If you like animal protein, you will want to keep them at a minimal. If you are sick and trying to heal the body then you will need to give up animal protein for a while. Animal proteins contribute to disease and cause the liver to become fatty and sluggish which is the main cause of heart disease, and many other health issues. The recipes you will find here are encouraged to be made with organic pure ingredients and are incredibly healing for all illness and disease. Healing is not only about what you eat, but also about your emotional state of mind. If you are often angry, stressed or fearful, this will effect your health in a negative way. Negative emotions cause your adrenaline to rise rapidly. This causes cell and tissue damage, leading to health issues and dis-ease. There really are many reasons for dis-ease in our bodies but they are usually fixable. Energy healing is a fabulous way to eliminate many of these issues. Meditation is another great way to help eliminate stress and other negative emotions. I plan to add some guided meditations to this website soon. 

Health Tip for those who are dealing with illness and/or disease. The foods that you will want to eliminate from your diet, at least until you are well again, are:

1) All dairy products. 

2) All animal proteins like, eggs, butter, cheese, pork, beef, chicken ect..

3) All processed foods.

4) All gluten.

5) All GMO's like corn, soy, canola oil.

All of these foods will feed the viruses and pathogens that cause the illnesses in the body. If you are suffering from an illness or disease you will only benefit from eliminating these foods.

Making drastic changes to your diet is not always an easy thing to do and I do not recommend doing it all at once. Try eliminating a few things at a time. If you need help with this, reach out to me on my contact page.

See my blog for more info and tips. 

You might be thinking, what can I eat? You would be amazed at how many delicious meals you can make using fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans and healthy grains. Find healthy recipes and some recommendations at the buttons below..


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